Does any of the following apply to you?

  • I need to polish my presentation delivery
  • I need to regularly persuade people to commit to my ideas
  • I sometimes wonder if people are bored when I am presenting
  • I can’t bare the thought of doing another death-by-powerpoint


  • I have to get a group of people together to commit to a plan
  • I need to get decent ideas out of my team in the most efficient way without causing conflict
  • Group politics is getting in the way of team planning
  • In my meetings, the same people always speak and the same people always keep quiet


  • My team often don’t get my intended meaning in meetings and emails
  • I sometimes get offended by a colleagues choice of words or tone
  • I have never considered if my colleagues get my intended meaning or are offended
  • I talk too much during meetings
  • I bore people with the details in meetings


If even one of the above applies to you, I can assist with some custom made material to eliminate your problem.

I do training and facilitation with a focus on modern, short presentations, participative planning and personality styles.


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