Communication Styles

Use colour as a language to understand communication styles. A model that simplifies Jungian-based principles to understand Intraversion-Extraversion, Thinking-Feeling, Sensing-Intuition and Judging-Perceiving.

Often, presenters undermine their own credibility by using visuals that are outdated and boring. With the influence of TED talks and Pecha Kucha format presentations, using slides as visual support in 2016 means that your audience are expecting rich, interesting, hi-resolution images with a word or phrase that captures the concept or […]

Free modern Powerpoint template for color-based workshops

The use of metaphors, analogies and visual language are excellent devices to keep your audience engaged and entertained. It is also a way to make an impact and land your point powerfully. Below,  John Steenhuisen responds at SONA debate 2016 in 7 min 59 secs jam-packed with visual language. The […]

Let’s play a game: Metaphor count