A presentation is not your slides, it’s what you say and how you say it. Have a dig around here to find important information on how to put together structured content and deliver it with impact.

Often, presenters undermine their own credibility by using visuals that are outdated and boring. With the influence of TED talks and Pecha Kucha format presentations, using slides as visual support in 2016 means that your audience are expecting rich, interesting, hi-resolution images with a word or phrase that captures the concept or […]

Free modern Powerpoint template for color-based workshops

Dan Gilbert is a Harvard professor who, among many other things, demonstrates psychological phenomenon in a series of filmed experiments which double as powerful adverts for the financial services provider, Prudential. Here’s one of the ads which powerfully demonstrates a concept of imagining large numbers in the future – something […]

3 Lessons from Dan Gilbert on the power of visual ...

Tailoring your message to your audience as far as is accurately predictable is the best kept secret in putting together a compelling presentation. Barack Obama (and his team) are masters of this. This talk is given at University of Cape Town, South Africa to a group of students. The challenge: […]

Connecting to the audience: 3 lessons from Barack Obama

The use of metaphors, analogies and visual language are excellent devices to keep your audience engaged and entertained. It is also a way to make an impact and land your point powerfully. Below,  John Steenhuisen responds at SONA debate 2016 in 7 min 59 secs jam-packed with visual language. The […]

Let’s play a game: Metaphor count

Key ingredients in a powerful talk are metaphors, proverbs and visual language. Unfortunately, if not used clearly, they can leave a speaker looking uncertain and undermine their credibility. Minister of Energy, Tina Joemat-Pettersson, falls into that trap at SONA debate 2016, South Africa. It turns out, she is making use […]

3 lessons in language from Parliament, SONA 2016